Vibrant Melbourne Restaurant Scene

Today’s post was written by awesome Roxana Oliver who is looking closely at the restaurant scene in Melbourne. If you’d like to be the next guest blogger, this link…


Exploring Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe

The end of the world might seem like a nice place to spend some time pondering about personal choices and coming to terms with whatever life throws at you….


Awesome views in Oslo that cost nothing (or almost)

Forget overpriced sky bars and rooftop restaurants. These five viewpoints in Oslo can be visited on a minimal budget – just to the cost of public transport with one exception and…


Postcards from 2015, part 2

If you haven’t read the first part, start here. The second part of 2015 was equally busy as the first half. I finally made it to Norway and…


Postcards from 2015, part 1

Dear 2015, thank you for being so good to me. Thanks for allowing me to see so many gorgeous things, visit new towns, discover new tastes and meet great…


7 Tips How to Level up Your Trip to Cinque Terre

Do you know those ‘X places you should visit before you die’ style articles? You’ve probably seen countless of them. And I bet you’ve also seen Cinque Terre…


La Francesca – Gateway to Cinque Terre (review)

When La Francesca approached me with the kind offer to host me over a weekend, I was thrilled. Cinque Terre in Italy has been always on my travel…


From Bergen to Oslo by train

If you want to see Norway on a tight budget, this is probably the best investment you can make, both money-wise and time-wise. Doing the Oslo – Bergen…

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How to see Bergen on a budget

Visiting expensive destinations on a tight budget is a challenge I gladly undergo. (Look at our trip to Santorini, for example). It’s kind of a purpose of Travel Hacks,…

23 Things You Can Do To Travel More For Less

23 Ways How You Can Travel More For Less

Searching and trying out new tips and hacks how to travel low cost is one of my most favourite activities (hence the name of this blog) but the…